Sinai Peninsula
northwestern Arabian Peninsula

Midian was a nomadic group of bedouins who inhabited the lands east of Egypt which encompasses the Sinai Peninsula and the northwestern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Many great biblical figures, like Moses, dwelt in Midian and married Sephora, and Jethro his father-in-law received in him peace.

Early historyEdit

As the Bible says, the Midianites descend from a son of Abraham and Keturah called Midian, whose children Ephah, Epher, Hanoch, Abida, and Eldaah were the early patriarchs of the Midianites.

During the time of Jacob, his son Joseph was sold to Midianites, who then sold him into slavery in Egypt.

Midian during the time of MosesEdit

Midian is the haven Moses encounters when he escapes Sethi I's decree through the Wilderness of Shur. At the point of almost dying of thirst and hunger, Moses' eye catches a date palm on the slopes of the mountains of Sinai. He then reaches and eats many dates meanwhile Jethro's daughters are watering their flocks of sheep. The eldest of the seven sisters sees Moses sleeping with dates in his hands, and therefore is questioned by the other sister as to what is she looking at. Amalekites herd in their goats and water them with Jethro's water, but they are warned bravely by Sephora who shows them the mark of Jethro on the well. They attack her, and Moses awakes to their rescue. Moses is well received by Jethro who provides with him the job of tending his sheep, and being instructed specifically by Sephora. Moses' is intrigued by Mount Sinai and looks forward to meeting God. A time has passed, and Moses is a trader, and expert shepherd and will be awarded with one of Jethro's daughters. However, he renounces because he feels that he still loves Nefretiri and cannot forget her. He goes outside and meets Sephora, who did not dance, but gives him an extraordinarily speech on her people. Hinting that she wants to marry him, Moses puts the marriage bracelet on her and views God on the Mount.

Notable MidianitesEdit


After the Moses delivers the people and they wander through the wilderness, he pleads on his brother-in-law to guide them through the desert, helping them chose the right areas to encamp. The Midianites that helped Moses descended from Jethro, and were from then on called as Kenites and separated themselves from the other Midianites and dwelled along with the Israelites in Canaan.


God ordered there total annilhilation to Gideon who captured there princes Oreb, Zeeb, Zebah, and Zalmuna.